Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my first sensory bin & Bolivia lapbook

I have been wanting to do a sensory bin with Graham for awhile now, and finally got around to it. We are working on the Transportation Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations, so I decided to do a transportation sensory bin. Believe me, Graham is DEFINITELY a sensory kind of kid. This child's whole world is a sensory bin. He is constantly into my things, exploring and finding new ways to play with them (not always so much fun for me). Anyway, needless to say, the first test drive of the sensory bin proved to be successful. He played with it uninterrupted for about a half hour. Here is a run down of what's in the bin:

*Polished rocks
*Multiple matchbox/monster trucks
*Discovery Toys stackable dump trucks
*A spoon
*A small amount of play dough (for making tracks, etc.)
*A small shovel
*A small plastic measuring cup
*Play dough roller for rolling out playdough or dropping rocks through
*Two packs of transportation stickers--puffy and foil.
I used mostly what I had, and spent about $4 on some new things at the dollar store to make it new for him.
He had lots of fun scooping and pouring the rocks (he loved the noise!). He made tracks through the play dough with his cars and trucks. He filled up the dump trucks and dumped them out. He decorated the box with the stickers, which are removable and can be re-decorated.

Have you ever noticed this child is half naked in every posting? He has a major aversion to clothing right now. We are working on it.
Isaac just finished his Bolivia lapbook

We picked Bolivia because that is where our Compassion child lives. We both learned a whole lot more about Bolivia. Lots of fun!

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