Thursday, February 3, 2011

Answered Prayers...

Last Saturday, my sister in law and I were at the Women of Faith event at Hope Lutheran Church here in Fargo. In-between sessions, I happened to mention to her that I was in need of a good daily Bible devotional/lesson for Isaac. I have bought a couple, but have not been impressed. I told her that what I really wanted was a daily devotional based on scripture only, with maybe a few application questions to go with it. It seems like what is out there for children is only daily devotionals that are stories, with maybe one Bible verse thrown in for good measure.
A few minutes passed, and it was time for door prizes. Keep in mind I NEVER win anything. I sat stunned as my name was drawn. I went up to the front to claim my prize, and it was this book:

It was EXACTLY what I had been looking for! The back of the book even says it is ideal for homeschoolers!
Each day, there is approximately one chapter of scripture to read, followed by five or so questions pertinent to the daily reading. And, these are not froo-froo questions. They have a little meat to them, which is how I like it. Also, there is a section under the scripture for further study of various words and their meanings, or other contextual things (just like an adult study Bible, except it is geared to children).
I LOVE it when our Heavenly Father answers prayers that quickly and that clearly. It doesn't usually happen that way, but when it does, it is such a good reminder that I am not in this alone.

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