Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

We are observing President's Day at our house, but sadly (for Isaac) it isn't with a day off! Today we worked on a President's Day lapbook, which we will continue for the rest of the week. I also picked up a few good books at the Library last week, and we read one this morning I was super impressed with:

Abe's Fish is a fictional story about a young Abe Lincoln who chooses to give a fish he caught for his family to a hungry soldier of the Revolutionary War. One of my favorite excerpts from the book:
"Freedom must be a big deal, Abe thought...Abe wondered about freedom. Once when he'd put a cricket in a cage, it stopped moving and chirping. But when Abe let it go, it jumped quickly through the grass and started singing again. But people don't live in cages, thought Abe, so how could they not be free? Why would they need to fight for freedom?"
What a great starting point for discussing Freedom with even young children!

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