Thursday, February 3, 2011

More lapbooking fun: LEGOs and a Batman Preschool Pack

Sometimes when I blog about a project we have just done, I say "It was a lot of fun" and then I ask myself...was it fun for me or for the kids? Usually, the fun is a little less evident on their part. But, with the LEGO lapbook we just completed, I can honestly say Isaac had a lot of fun. (click on lapbook to see it bigger)

We learned about the history of Legos and about the company itself. We learned the process of making LEGOs and the Scientific ideas behind why they fit together.

Isaac got most excited when he did some graphing of how many LEGOS of various colors he had in a cup. I didn't know he would enjoy doing something like this, but he did!
He also had to do some adding and subtracting as he guessed how many LEGOS were in a cup, how many he actually had, and how much he was off on his guess.

Graham did a Batman Preschool Pack recently (click here to find out more), and had lots of fun with that. This child is a sponge, and soaks up every moment of "school" that he can get. He wakes up in the morning asking me if we can "do school." Hope that love for learning lasts!

Graham did a good job "catching the bad guys" and practicing his pre-writing skills.

I found a great website recently (I always say I couldn't homeschool without the internet, and that is totally true!) with all kinds of activites you can do with preschoolers. This is one of the ideas that came from childcareland
He had lots of fun sorting fake gemstones into a muffin tin by color. Kept him busy for probably 20 minutes, which is a record for Graham!

We are wraping up Isaac's study of China right now. As our final activity, he is headed to the library night for "Chinese New Year" perfect is that? Great timing! He will be making a paper dragon and practicing his skills at using chopsticks.


  1. Do you have the template for the Lego lapbook? My son would love it, too!!

  2. Oh me too! Can I please get the info on the lego book?