Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pinecone birdfeeders

This year, we have used "My Father's World" for kindergarten. Its an OK program, but there are several things I have not liked about it, so we won't be using it next year.
This week, we are on the letter "Q for Quail", so we are trying to do as many bird-related activities as possible. Today we finished up on our peanut butter-sunflower seed-pine cone-bird feeders. And yes, those would be gloves on my hates-to-get-his-hands-dirty-or-sticky son.

Mommy was too lazy to hang them up in the yard, so we set them out on a table. The squirrels promptly went into a feeding frenzy

So we had to get out the binoculars to watch them

side note: It is not customary for me to allow my two year old to be in a diaper only on the deck in early April in North Dakota.
Then, we got a bang out of watching each other with the binoculars instead.

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