Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dollar Store Finds

I love the Dollar store for homeschooling stuff! I hadn't found anything new there recently, but today I went in and they had gotten a new shipment of school things. I got several posters, some writing books, workbooks and games. Some of these things will be workbox items for next year. Graham will also be a lot more involved in our school activities next year, and will have his own set of workboxes. He needs some big help on colors especially. I found a really nice Sesame Street colors workbook that I think will be helpful and some color flashcards.
Here's a side note: Sometimes the most effective things are the easiest things, and also the things we don't think of! I got this idea from a homeschooling blog the other day and did it today with Isaac and it was very effective: take picture cards (most of us have something like this in our homeschooling stash), and letters (I used foam letters that came with the "My Father's World" curriculuum and have them spell out what is on the picture card. DUH. Seriously--did I need to read a blog to come up with that? But, its somthing I hadn't thought to do, and obviously needed help coming up with. He enjoyed working with the letters hands on, and got every single one correct (even the ones with digraphs--we have been focusing on those lately)!

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