Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Papa Piccolo and the Peabody

We just finished our FIAR "Papa Piccolo" last week. "Papa Piccolo" is the story of a tomcat who adopts two orphan kittens. The story is set in Italy, and the illustrations are done with watercolor. As part of our row, Isaac experimented with his watercolors to come up with some of the variations in color that are illustrated in the book. It was fun to see the different ranges of colors like turquoise blue or brick red he could come up with!

Isaac took the Peabody last week as well. The Peabody is a standardized test that measures proficiency in several areas of academics such as mathematics, spelling and reading. Isaac did tremendously well. He measured at a third or fourth grade level for every category. His areas of strength were reading and spelling. (Not a surprise to his mama that I have one smart cookie on my hands!) Although we weren't required to take the test, I wanted him to take it to make sure we were on the right track academically.

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