Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picnic and Spring Scavenger Hunt

 The weather was SO nice here today, we decided to go for a picnic at the park and do a Spring Scavenger Hunt.  Graham was super excited about the whole thing.  It makes me sad to think about the day when a super-hero lunch bag and a picnic at the park won't make him ecstatically happy.  Oh, and that's his little canteen his grandma bought him at a garage sale a few days ago.  It has been fixed to his body since he got it.
This guy came along for the ride.  He wasn't ecstatic about the whole thing actually.  And that's the nasty scratch he got from his fingernails last night. (Note to self: trim baby's nails.)
This is us enjoying our picnic...

 We had to find Spring-ish things like an earthworm, something warmed by the sun, some mud, etc.
First and second place participants received a beautiful rubber light-up ring. 

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