Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Road Trip USA: Hawaii

We've enjoyed our trip through the United States this year for geography. We have "visited" almost all of the states and are winding down our journey. Isaac is familiar with all of the regions (Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, West and Southwest) of the United States, as well as all of the capitals of each state. We learned about each state's state bird, state flag and state flower, as well as anything about the state that makes it unique. If I were to re-use this curriculum (which I probably will), I would put more effort into doing fun stuff like our "Luau" we had for supper the other night. In a few months, Isaac might not remember some of the other states we studied, but he WILL remember our Luau night!

I was going to go all-out and have ham and Dole Pineapple for supper, but because this mama had a VERY long day, and because my van drove precariously close to our favorite Chinese take-out place while we were running errands, we ended up having a Hawaain Luau with Chinese food. :) Oh well. Sweet and Sour chicken is sort of Hawaain-ish, isn't it?

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