Monday, March 21, 2011

Detectives, Preschool Painting & LEGOS

Isaac and I started a "Detective" unit study this week (this is one that Isaac was driving me crazy about doing, he was so excited...)
This looks to be a great unit study! Today we talked about the role of a detective and how investigators use sketches of criminals in their work. Isaac selected a photo of someone, and practiced doing his own sketch of their face. We also dusted for fingerprints! That was super fun!

Graham did a little painting today using Lego Duplos as stampers and also painted with a golf ball rolling around in a pan. This child is all about anything hands-on, especially if there is a mess involved in some way.

I always consider LEGO building as part of our school day (Isaac doesn't know he's learning when he's playing with his LEGOs, so don't tell him!). Today he made this little creation, which I thought was so great I had to take a picture of it. Love that little astronaut floating in space!

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