Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Butter (and other cool stuff we're doing)

We are in the midwest for our US Geography studies, and we have been learning all about pioneer life.
One of the things I thought it would be neat for the boys to do is to make butter! Well, I first tried it with buttermilk (read this on a website that I wouldn't recommend). As all of YOU probably know (and I did not), buttermilk is the product you get AFTER making butter from cream. Duh. No wonder we shook and we shook and we shook, and nothing seemed to be happening. Pioneer woman I am not. We finally got some good old fashioned whipping cream, which we shook...

and shook...

A few minutes later we had this!

Beautiful, beautiful butter. Mmmmmmm.

Our geography studies also took us to Ohio, birthplace of Neil Armstrong. We studied the moon's phases for a few days, and made this moon mobile for the boys' rooms.

For Five in a Row, we read "How to make an Apple Pie and See the World."

The story follows a girl around the world as she gets all the ingredients she needs to make an apple pie. She travels to Jamaica on a Banana boat where she says, "You can pick up some salt. Fill a jar with salty seawater...evaporate the seawater from the salt..." So we did! We mixed 1/4 cup of salt into water and let it sit in a pan for a few days. Then, we had this!

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