Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of school

Today was our first day of school, and although a part of me hasn't felt "ready" to start this school year because of how chaotic this summer has been, there was a large part of me that took comfort in some of our old routines making their re-appearance. The kids were SO excited to start this year. I know Graham's excitement will probably last throughout the school year, but I'll be lucky if Isaac's will last until the end of the week! :)
Isaac did really enjoy our "Road Trip USA" geography curriculum that we started today. I also realized, once again, what a great reader he is (and how much work on math he needs!).
Graham started the "Letter of the Week" program today and loved putting his "A" on his ABC tree. He did some coloring, some cutting and pasting, some worksheets and watched "Letter Factory."
I am excited to spend this precious time with my boys.

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