Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I feel like this is the first time, maybe ever, that I have actually ENJOYED the Christmas season! From financial stress and strain, trying to get everything done, and managing major life transitions like having a baby or moving, The Reason for Christmas usually gets overshadowed with life's "stuff."
Our advent tree has really helped me (forced me) to stop and enjoy the little things throughout the days leading up to December 25th. I am the sort of person that needs a structure to follow, otherwise I tend to be undisciplined. Having the "structure" of an advent tree gives me a blueprint of sorts for taking time with my family. Here is a list of our advent activities: (I missed the first two days of December)
December 3: Make Christmas crafts with the REACH group
December 4: Go see Santa!
December 5: Family game night
December 6: Make paper snowflakes (I had no idea there were so many different ways to make them until I googled it!)
December 7: Make pipe cleaner candy canes
December 8: Make Sugar cookies (see photos above!)
December 9: Dress fancy for supper (Isaac will love this one!)
December 10: Watch Polar Express and stay in jammies all day
December 11: Go to a movie as a family
December 12: Make a snowman or go sledding
December 13: Candle lit bubble bath with Christmas music
December 14: Make a gingerbread house
December 15: Awana Christmas party
December 16: Go caroling with REACH group
December 17: Graham's Christmas concert
December 18: Celebrate Christmas at Aunty Mel and Uncle Doug's!!!!
December 19: Read a Christmas book
December 20: Make Jesus a birthday cake
December 21: Make a paper chain garland
December 23: Christmas with mom and dad!!!!
December 24: Christmas Eve...head to the Farm!
December 25: Merry Christmas!

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