Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have always wanted to do something to celebrate Advent with my kids. Each year, the month of December slips by in a flash, and before I know it, Christmas is over and I feel like we didn't really "savor" the season and its meaning. My kids are usually just left with a huge pile of toys and some accompanying post-Christmas greed. This year, I want to at least try to enjoy the Christmas season for more than just the presents it brings. I recently put up an advent tree in our homeschool room. This is compliments of Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Each day in December, Isaac picks an ornament off the tree and we will do the corresponding activity on the back. Some activities are ideas that I got off of the Confessions blog, and others are my own. Here are a few of the activities: watch polar express and stay in your jammies all day, go Christmas caroling, dress fancy for supper, take a candle-lit bubble bath with Christmas music, make a snowman, make a paper chain, make a gingerbread house, help wrap presents, go to a movie, family game night, make a birthday cake for Jesus, etc.
I am really looking forward to it! Photos to follow...
Tonight I took inventory on our progress so far. According to my count, I need to pick up the pace if I want Isaac to be finished with his curriculum in mid-may! Starting in January, we will be doubling up on his writing lessons every day, as well as fitting in at least a couple of extra phonics lessons per day. I am not sure how we got "behind," but I do not like the idea! Also, I want some flexibility for illness or outings this spring.
Happy Advent everyone!

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