Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Plans

I have been thinking a lot about the goals I have for homeschooling lately, and how those goals might help my boys when they are adults.  I may not cover every academic subject under the sun, but I for sure want my boys to be educated in the things that really matter in life.
One of the things that has really been on my heart to teach them recently has been money management.  I cannot say Dave and I have always been such great stewards of our financial resources.  There are SO many things I wish we would have done differently in our almost 14 years of marriage.  But, I for sure want my boys to have the best chance possible at not making the same mistakes we have.  So, with that in mind, we are starting Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace Jr." this summer.
Isaac is REALLY interested in the spending money part.  The earning and giving part, he needs a little bit of fine tuning on (don't we all?)
As part of this curriculum, he will be expected to earn his commission by doing chores around the house.  He has always been expected to do chores such as cleaning his room, emptying the dishwasher, walking the dog, etc.  This summer, I plan to expand the chores he needs to do.  Not only does he need the experience, I need the help!
In addition to Financial Peace, we will also be following a customized reading plan from Totally Tailored Reading.
Other than that, I hope for there to be lots of fun and memory making for us as a family this summer!

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