Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our homeschooling room 2010-11

Double click the first image to see large. The carpet is coming out and being replaced with heavy-duty laminate sometime soon...can't wait!

my manipulatives storage...they make me happy to see them all organized on the shelf!

My homeschooling/scrapbooking closet (scrapbooking stuff is currently at my sister in law's house). This thing took me a week to organize. Take a look at my toy bin organizer thing that I scored at a garage sale for $5. It is empty now, but I have big plans for it.

Our workbox system:
To the left of Isaac is boxes 1-6. After our together teaching time, he must complete each box in order. Most boxes contains work he must do independently, but there may be a box or two he needs help with.

When he is done with each workbox, he takes the numbers off the box and puts them on these strips. It helps him feel like he has really accomplished something (like checking something off of a list).

Working hard on cursive this year:

Being crazy:

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